CESAB Unveils New B300 and B400 Forklift Ranges

CESAB Material Handling Europe has unveiled the new CESAB B300 and B400 forklift ranges, designed for the highest levels of performance, safety and ease of use.
With the arrival of these 48v 1.5 to 2.0 tonne models, CESAB has now completely renewed its 1.0 to 8.5 tonne electric forklift series.

The front wheel drive CESAB B300 and B400 forklifts are powered by two low-maintenance AC motors and feature a short wheelbase for easy manoeuvrability in the smallest of spaces. A longer wheelbase version is available to customers looking for even greater battery capacity.
Both ranges feature CESAB’s IMD (Intelligent Mast Design) for maximum operator visibility and safer forklift manoeuvres.

Separate lateral free-lift cylinders ensure an excellent range of vision, with options ranging from duplex with normal free lift, to triplex with full free lift and a maximum lift height of 7.5 metres. These IMD masts are manufactured to precision for guaranteed long service and minimal play, even at the highest lift heights.

The three-wheel CESAB B300 and four-wheel CESAB B400 models are built to last, with a robust steel chassis and 8mm thick side panels. Their overhead guard features a strong, narrow rib design, assuring both maximum safety and superior visibility for the operator.

Lead-acid and CESAB-manufactured Li-ion battery options are available on both ranges. The 750Ah lead-acid battery easily covers the needs of an eight-hour working day, while with sufficient opportunity charging, the Li-Ion battery ensures that the trucks can easily handle two or three shift operations with just one battery.

These CESAB 48V ranges have been designed with the operator in mind. Low, open steps allow easy entry, while a slim, adjustable steering column with memory function gives the operator maximum space. Power steering leads to stress-free, easy manoeuvring and a fully adjustable armrest with mini levers for the hydraulics allows maximum operational comfort.
CESAB B300 and B400 forklifts come with the options of separate mini-levers, double joysticks with cross function or a single multi-function joystick with all functions on a single handle. The direction switch at the front of the hydraulic levers ensures ease of access.

For optimum safety, both ranges are equipped with CESAB’s OPS (Operator Presence Sensing). This only unlocks the truck and hydraulics when the operator is fully seated and wearing a seatbelt. When the driver is out of their seat or not wearing a seatbelt, the truck locks.

The CESAB B300 and B400 also feature ISD (Intelligent Stability Design) as standard. This enables automatic vertical positioning of the mast and protects the operator by automatically adjusting the forward tilt angle and tilt speed depending on the load and lift height.

ISD also helps operators to turn corners safely by reducing speed when the steering wheel is turned. Steering wheel synchronisation makes sure that the steering wheel knob is always in the same place, so that drivers can easily see the steering wheel position.

The CESAB B300 and B400 ranges offer an automatic parking brake for better handling and safety. As soon as the truck stops and the driver takes their foot off the accelerator pedal, the parking brake engages. This helps the truck stand securely on ramps and slopes and prevent it from rolling backwards.

For extended operating time, the CESAB B300 and B400 have regenerative braking. When the operator stops accelerating or applies the brake, the motors act as generators, feeding energy back into the battery. There is also automatic braking when releasing the accelerator for simple, easy manoeuvring.

Power steering on CESAB B300 and B400 trucks is variable. At low speeds, friction is reduced to make manoeuvring easier, while at higher speeds, the friction increases to ensure stable and safe straight-ahead driving.

Both the CESAB B300 and the CESAB B400 have oil-cooled disc brakes as part of a closed system that cannot be contaminated by dust, acid or moisture. The braking surface is almost five times greater than that of drum brakes and guarantees brakes that do not fade and give the operator the same braking power in all conditions.

Ton de Hollander, Senior Marketing Product Manager at Cesab Material Handling Europe, said: " CESAB put present-day material handling needs of businesses first and consulted extensively with operators in the development of the CESAB B300 and B400 electric series. By meeting all the requirements for a powerful, high-performance and energy-efficient range that is comfortable and safe to operate over multiple shifts, we are confident that these 48v ranges will raise productivity levels in operations across Europe."