Compact and powerful 4-wheel electric forklifts

Compact and powerful CESAB B400 counterbalanced trucks are designed to offer you high performance, excellent manoeuvrability and well-proven CESAB reliability.

The CESAB B400 4-wheel range is equipped as standard with ISD, CESAB’s Intelligent Stability Design. This actively monitors key parameters of the truck’s performance to bring downtime to a minimum and productivity to a maximum.

ISD actively contributes to workplace safety with a system that consists of ten sensors, three actuators and one controller. This system allows ISD to monitor material handling operations and take corrective action when necessary, to guarantee the stability of the truck and load.

IMD (Intelligent Mast Design) mast technology provides industry leading levels of visibility. The low height of the dashboard, the narrow profile of the overhead guard and open-design fork carriages provide excellent forward visibility of the forks and load. No matter the position, operators have an unhindered view of load handling. These active safety features help the operator to handle loads more accurately with less risk to the surroundings or load.

4-wheel electric counterbalance trucks offer the perfect combination of stability and manoeuvrability. The pivoting rear-axle manages the distribution of the load over the four wheels and assures better driver comfort on uneven surfaces.

The CESAB B400 comes with fingertip hydraulic controls perfectly integrated in a fully adjustable armrest as standard. Double-function joysticks or a single multifunction joystick are available as options.

Three different pedal arrangements can also be selected: automotive type, a D2 version with direction change on the accelerator, or double pedals. On the car-like pedals, the direction controls are placed on the armrest in front of the mini-levers, for easy access.

The CESAB B400 series can be equipped with lead-acid batteries, which are removed through side-extraction, or CESAB’s in-house Li-ion batteries, for easy use in multi-shift applications.

With four-wheel CESAB B400 forklifts you no longer need to make a choice between manoeuvrability or performance. You can enjoy both. With powerful 48-volt AC motors, the CESAB B400 delivers exceptional performance that enhances productivity.



Model Code B416-II B416L-II
Power Unit Electric  Electric
Load Capacity (Q) 1600 kg 1600 kg 
Load Centre (c) 500 mm  500 mm
Lift Heights (h3) from 3000 mm  3000 mm
Travel Speed with/without load 20/20 km/h  20/20 km/h
Lifting Speed with/without load 0.43/0.61 m/s  0.43/0.61 m/s
Turning Radius (Wa) 1707 mm  1811 mm
Battery Voltage/Rated Capacity (5h) 48V / 525-625 Ah  48V / 630-750 Ah
Model Code B418L-II
Power Unit  Electric
Load Capacity (Q) 1800 kg 
Load Centre (c)  500 mm
Lift Heights (h3) from  3000 mm
Travel Speed with/without load  20/20 km/h
Lifting Speed with/without load  0.42/0.61 m/s
Turning Radius (Wa)  1811 mm
Battery Voltage/Rated Capacity (5h)  48V / 630-750 Ah
Model Code B420-II B420L-II
Power Unit Electric Electric
Load Capacity (Q) 2000 kg

2000 kg

Load Centre (c) 500 mm 500 mm
Lift Heights (h3) from 3000 mm 3000 mm
Travel Speed with/without load 20/20 km/h 20/20 km/h
Lifting Speed with/without load 0.38/0.54 m/s 0.38/0.54 m/s
Turning Radius (Wa) 1737 mm 1811 mm
Battery Voltage/Rated Capacity (5h) 48V / 690-750 Ah 48V / 630-750 Ah

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