The new, high performance Cesab B600 electric forklift

The new Cesab B600 electric forklift range brings the highest levels of safety, performance and ease of use to the most demanding of operations.

Built to withstand the toughest environments, with load handling capabilities of up to 3.5 tonnes and a lift height of 6.5 metres, the Cesab B600 range is designed for maximum productivity outdoors as well as inside.

Strong performance on slopes and ramps is achieved thanks to a new traction motor and traction controller, while the versions with an extended load centre of 600mm make the CESAB B625HL and B630HL models ideal for large loads, special attachments or the handling multiple pallets.

The Cesab B600 range has been designed for productivity, with a battery that can be quickly and easily removed through a side panel, for fast exchange or maintenance. Thanks to the open chassis design the battery is located 100mm lower than on previous models, which gives the truck a lower centre of gravity and higher stability with greatly improved residual capacities.

In case of the Li-ion option, battery charging is simple, safe and fast with a new generation Li-Ion connector that easily pushes into the charge socket on the CESAB B600. A simple, hinged lid covers this socket, with no plug to remove before charging.

A fully floating driver compartment is decoupled from the rest of the truck chassis and mounted on four full suspension dampers, which help to absorb vibrations through the truck and minimizes the transfer of vibrations to the driver, for optimum operator comfort.

The driver compartment gives excellent forward and all-around visibility, with a standard bar-type roof with an angled bar at the front for good upward views. For even greater upward visibility, an optional transparent roof is available with the CESAB B600 range.

The mast design on the Cesab B600 has been updated to improve visibility at lorry bed height, with the mast cross bar in an optimised position and streamlined mast beams in the operator’s field of vision.

The comfortable driver compartment includes a fully adjustable armrest with elbow support, and a display and emergency stop button integrated in the armrest for easy access and full control. 
An optional colour display with new interface provides a full overview of truck functions, while a new extended push button layout offers optimum control and customisation.

For flexibility of operations, drivers can start the CESAB B600 by using a key or pin code. 
Speed reduction when cornering is now standard, with other safety functions including a load weight indicator, lift height indicator and colour coding on the driver display. Safety options include a rear-view camera.

A fully automatic parking brake applies whenever the truck stops and disengages automatically when the truck is in drive mode and the accelerator pressed. The brake also engages on slopes whenever the accelerator is released.

Ton de Hollander, Senior Marketing Product Manager, Cesab Material Handling Europe, said: “The Cesab B600 electric range was developed in consultation with operators, with the present-day handling needs of businesses front of mind. By meeting these demands, for a strong, high performance, energy-efficient machine that operators can use comfortably and safely throughout shifts, we are confident the Cesab B600 will raise productivity levels in operations across Europe.”