Reaching new heights of productivity

Offering enhanced technology and higher levels of productivity and safety, the all-new Cesab R300 reach truck has been designed to push the boundaries of any materials handling operation.

One of the most advanced reach trucks on the market, with load capacities from 1400 to 2500kg, lift heights up to 13000mm, and powerful energy efficient AC drive motors. 

Delivering a superb driving experience, the Cesab R300 reach truck brings superior all-round visibility, a workspace that is fully adjustable to each operator, and a suite of innovative features, including 360° steering, Optimal Truck Performance, Transitional Lift Control, Intelligent Mast Design and a digital colour display.

Every area of the cockpit has been designed for optimum ergonomics and driver comfort, with a fully adjustable, long-life driver seat and low-profile steering column that creates more space for knees and better palm support for reduced fatigue.

Safety levels have advanced even more on the Cesab R300 thanks in part to a complete review of the mast design, which delivers higher residual capacities, better stability, lower closed heights and improved visibility on the truck.

One of the superior strengths of this new generation mast is the Transitional Lift Control. This helps the free lift and main lift to move simultaneously during mast lifting and lowering, which ensures a smooth and shock-free transition. As the mast travels in one linear movement, this also allows faster lifting and lowering. Operators experience greater comfort because the smooth transition means that no shocks are transmitted to the chassis.

A large, full colour touchscreen in the cockpit connects drivers to the Cesab R300, helping them remain continuously aware of load handling details at any given point. This can be complemented by an optional LID display just under the overhead guard at eye height. This LID display repeats the load information as it appears on the main display, helping the operator to constantly keep an eye on his work while checking the position of loads.

Optimised Truck Performance comes as standard on the Cesab R300. This supports every move that operators make, allowing the truck to be used to its full potential, safely and efficiently. It includes Optimised Corner Control, which automatically adjusts drive speed by constantly measuring the steering angle. The higher the steering angle, the more the speed is lowered. Another feature of Optimised Truck Performance is Optimised Reach Control. This monitors the weight of the load and lift height to automatically adjust reach speed whenever needed.

The Cesab R300’s 360° steering enables smooth, continuous and fast maneuvering, enabling operators to change the direction of travel in one continuous movement without reducing speed or stopping.

Ton de Hollander, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Cesab Material Handling Europe, said:

“We’re very excited to bring the Cesab R300 to the market and believe it will be one of the most advanced and probably the most adaptable reach trucks available. This is due to not only a highly ergonomic work space for operators but also multiple options that businesses can select when they choose the Cesab R300. These include an optional fork position laser, transparent overhead guard, blue-spot warning lights, a dedicated cold store version and Bluetooth speakers.”

“We look forward to helping customers transform their warehouse operations with the Cesab R300.”