Lead acid batteries factory fitted by Cesab

Premium quality, extended-warranty, lead-acid batteries are now available factory-fitted by Cesab.

Giving dealers and customers the confidence of a perfectly tuned, 100% operational forklift directly from the production line, the lead-acid batteries can be factory-fitted to a wide range of Cesab electric counterbalanced forklifts.

Part of Cesab’s commitment to providing effective single-source energy solutions, this latest battery offering follows the recent launch of Cesab’s in-house Li-ion battery.

Cesab-fitted lead acid batteries provide several low maintenance and high durability benefits, including:

  • Extended 36-month warranty
  • Electrolyte level sensor for live status information
  • Autofill system for lower maintenance
  • Low maintenance cells 
  • Sturdy, streamlined and durable container

Ton De Hollander, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Cesab Material Handling Europe, said: “This new factory-fitted battery offering comes with a superior warranty and better pricing, and will give Cesab customers high confidence in the performance and reliability of their electric truck from the moment it leaves the production line.

“By developing our single source energy solutions to cover Li-ion batteries and chargers and classic lead-acid batteries, Cesab is offering customers even greater reassurance of a premium quality forklift every time.”

Factory-fitted lead acid batteries are available on models across the Cesab B200 24V, Cesab B300 48V, Cesab B400 48V and Cesab B600 80V ranges.

For more information on Cesab single source energy solutions contact your nearest Cesab dealer.