Heavy duty CESAB B800 electric range brings higher safety and productivity

Cesab has unveiled the new four-wheel Cesab B800 electric forklift range for maximum safety and productivity across heavy duty operations.

Including a six-tonne model with single front wheels and 7-8 tonne models with dual front wheels, the Cesab B800 range offers industry leading levels of visibility and performance.
Cesab B800 forklifts can be tailored to operational needs with three different mast layouts. These include a duplex mast with standard free lift, a duplex full free lift mast and a triplex full free lift version lifting to a maximum height of 7.0 meters.
Wide positioned roof pillars and a straight counterweight design give all round visibility, for safer and more efficient operations, while the low dashboard with integrated display gives operators a clear view of the fork tips through the mast and good visibility to the ground. This allows more accurate load handling operations and reduced risk of product damage.
The excellent drive and lift power of the Cesab B800 is delivered through four compact, powerful and maintenance free AC motors. These include two drive motors, a pump motor for lift control and a power steering motor.

Adjustable regenerative braking on the Cesab B800 allows the operator to simply release the accelerator for the truck to automatically brake and power to go back into the battery. As well as offering a more predictable driving experience, this increases operating hours, reduces wear and tear on the brakes and extends the period between truck services.

When driving on a gradient, releasing the accelerator pedal will cause the truck to stop without rolling back. This improves driver control on ramps and ensures even safer operations.
A power select function gives a choice of performance settings to suit the application and operator expectations. These include standard for longer operating hours, high power for maximum performance and power for a mix of efficiency and operating hours. 

The Cesab B800 delivers longer operating times thanks to new generation controllers, electric power steering, energy efficient tires and a fan-less cooling system. This increases battery running time and reduces the need for battery exchange over one or two shifts.
Thanks to the open chassis design, the Cesab B800 battery can be quickly and easily removed through a side panel for fast exchange or maintenance.

The exceptionally strong chassis and frame of the Cesab B800 includes a fully enclosed, safe driver compartment that is decoupled from the rest of the chassis and mounted on four full suspension dampers. These help to absorb vibrations through the truck and increase operator comfort and productivity.
Two comfortable assist grips, on the overhead guard pillar and truck hood, as well as deep open entry steps help operators of all heights to access the truck easily and safely.
A standard car pedal layout on the Cesab B800 offers an intuitive drive for all operators, with other options including a large brake pedal, D2 pedal or double acceleration pedal.

Safety is further optimized with an emergency button on the dashboard, which lets the operator quickly cut off the power if there is any risk of an accident.
Ton de Hollander, Senior Marketing Product Manager, Cesab Material Handling Europe, said: “Designed for greater safety and productivity in heavy duty materials handling, the electric Cesab B800 will help businesses achieve higher performance levels through every shift and maintain the wellbeing and comfort of operators. This will reduce the risk of physical strain, optimize working time and deliver overall more effective operations.”