Cesab unveils O-Series low level order pickers

Cesab Material Handling Europe has unveiled the Cesab O-Series of low-level order pickers.

Built for greater productivity and reduced travel time in every shift, the Cesab O-Series delivers more efficient cycles in every kind of low-level picking operation.

With load capacities from 1000 to 2500 kg, the Cesab O-Series brings high handling performance, travel speed and capacity as well as fast acceleration.

The Cesab O-Series, which includes three and four-wheel models, can be customised to customer operations with a large selection of fork dimensions to suit both pallet and roll container handling, and 24V lead-acid or Li-ion batteries.

Ease of use is paramount on the Cesab O-Series, with a narrow chassis of just 790 mm making it easier to operate in restricted spaces and congested aisles. A low step height of 138 mm helps operators to work more safely and experience less fatigue over each shift.

All models come with multiple storage compartments for better organisation, a user-friendly control handle and the ability to operate all functions with one or both hands.

The Cesab O-Series has been built with safety in mind. Its sturdy chassis gives better protection to both operator and load, and its safety-first features help to ensure maximum output and minimal risk in any operation.

These include automatic speed reduction when cornering and a steering handle that returns to a neutral position if the operator leaves the truck.

An automatic parking brake locks the truck as soon as the operator steps off, helping to minimize the risk of accidents.

The fully programmable Cesab O-Series can be tailored to the capability of the driver or the needs of each working environment, with a PIN-code start up ensuring that only authorised people operate the truck. These PIN-codes can be linked to individuals to create personal performance settings.

Ton de Hollander, Senior Marketing Product Manager, Cesab Material Handling Europe, said: “The arrival of the Cesab O-Series means that Cesab now has an offering to suit all the material handling needs of small and medium sized distribution centres and warehouses.

“Because the Cesab O-Series guarantees higher productivity and greater safety, we are confident it will make all the difference to all types of warehouse environment.”