CESAB releases fully integrated, in-house Lithium-ion solutions

Cesab Material Handling Europe has released a fully integrated Lithium-ion battery solution across its warehouse truck ranges.

Assembled in-house, Cesab’s Li-ion batteries deliver a host of productivity and safety advantages over traditional lead-acid batteries:

30% more energy efficient

Li-ion batteries last three times as long as lead-acid batteries. One single battery is usually enough for the entire life of the truck.
Up to 30% more energy efficient than lead acid batteries, the Li-ion battery also offers higher energy output. Because they provide more stable voltage, Li-ion batteries deliver maximum power during the complete discharge cycle.


Li-ion batteries can be charged during shift breaks, which keeps the truck running throughout the day.
This ‘opportunity charging’ gives operators the option of using the same truck through several shifts and achieve maximum uptime.

Safe and flexible

Li-ion batteries are entirely closed, with no battery topping or other maintenance required.
As there is no gassing during Li-ion battery charging, it can be charged through any wall-outlet using its built-in charger. A unique charging plug designed for the Li-ion equipped trucks offers high levels of safety.
Because opportunity charging means the truck can run for multiple shifts, there is no need to have additional batteries. This means that most applications switching to Li-ion equipped trucks should need fewer trucks, and fewer batteries, to do the same work as before.

Tailored to customers

Cesab’s Li-ion batteries are modular, which helps each customer to choose the right battery size for their needs.
Each Li-ion battery comes with a full warranty for the first two years or 5000 working hours and an extended limited warranty up to seven years or 15,000 working hours.

Ton de Hollander, Senior Marketing Product Manager, Cesab Material Handling Europe, said: “Whatever the size of materials handling operation a business may have, Cesab’s integrated Li-ion solution offers exceptional value and low lifetime costs, making it an excellent choice for all types of applications, from low to high intensity.

“We’re looking forward to extending the Li-ion battery across other ranges, including our 48-volt counterbalanced lift trucks.”