Cesab P013i powered pallet truck unveiled

Cesab Material Handling Europe has launched the Cesab P013i, a powered pallet truck designed for the highest levels of performance in its category.

Built to deliver a significant productivity advance on the hand pallet truck, the Cesab P013i is an entry level powered pallet truck offering class-leading handling capacity, lift height, travel speed and maneuverability.

With a top speed of 4.8 km, lift height of 195 mm and 1300kg handling capacity, the Cesab P013i is built to provide greater productivity in a wide range of settings, including horizontal transport, loading and unloading and flow intensity pedestrian applications such as retail, supermarkets, industry and on-board lorry applications.

A versatile powered pallet truck, the Cesab P013i has dimensions very close to a 
hand pallet truck, with a body width of 540 mm and total length of 1530 mm. This gives it exceptional maneuverability in the narrowest of aisles and makes it ideal for confined areas where larger trucks cannot operate, including the back of lorries.

Ergonomic operations are achieved with the tiller arm, which features butterfly drive switches, a keypad as standard and easy to use buttons for lifting and lowering. The gas spring allows the tiller arm to smoothly return to a vertical position.

The electric Cesab P013i is supplied with a Li-ion 24 V battery and 12A charger so that the truck can be fast charged in just 2.5 hours. An LED display on the tiller arm indicates the charge level of the battery, giving operators advanced warning of when a charge will be needed. This helps to maximise uptime and effective operation throughout shifts.

Delivering ergonomic and safe pallet handling, the Cesab P013i has a speed reduction feature that protects operators and pedestrians by ensuring the truck travels slowly around corners. 
Operator safety is further enhanced through castor wheels that are equipped with foot protection as standard, and a creep speed mode that activates when the tiller arm is in the upright position.

The Cesab P013i has been engineered for strength and agility, with its reduced weight and body length supported by a central lifting structure that gives the truck maximum strength. Extra stability is provided through a five-wheel point design.

Ton de Hollander, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Cesab Material Handling Europe, said: “The Cesab P013i is the perfect step up from the hand pallet truck, offering heavy manual handling operations a safe and ergonomic way to improve their productivity and efficiency, with best in class levels of travel speed, handling and lifting capacity.

“With its exceptional maneuverability and compact size, the Cesab P013i will be an asset to businesses that need better support in fast moving logistics areas, confined spaces and in places that larger trucks simply cannot operate. We are looking forward to helping organisations across Europe solve their manual handling pressures with the Cesab P013i.”