TTE 15

Performant towing trucks

Small indoor tow tractor designed for short and medium distances. With a maximum drive speed of 12 km/h it can rapidly link different production or stocking stations.

The low step and easy to use handlebar make the TTE 15 the optimal solution for applications where drivers go on and off the truck frequently. The stand-on platform has a thick, comfortable rubber mat and senses the driver presence. The electro-magnetic brake applies automatically whenever the driver leaves the tower to safely secure the machine.

The TTE 15 is the ideal solution for the flower industry, hospitals, shopping malls airports and cleaning services.

Optional the CESAB-SIMAI TTE 15 offers on-board battery charger, a multitude of towing hitches, bloc-note and paper holders and many more.


Model Code TTE 15
Drive Electric
Operator type Standing driver
Load capacity (Q) -
Towing capacity (Q) 1,5 t
Rated drawbar pull (F) 750 N
Wheelbase (Y) 650 mm